Growing your product

From the cradle to success. We listen to you, we feel you, we help you.
Our goal is to create simple, in-your-face interfaces. We believe that's the best way to win a customer nowadays. We also know how to make them look good.
We believe in Agile. We work in sprints, iterating steadily and improving your product at every step.









Delivering your product


No hide-and-seek games, no obscure processes.
You have access to the repositories and see our daily commits.
You participate in the development of your product.


We don’t disappear, only to come back in 6 months with a product you didn’t want. We communicate on a daily basis to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Nurturing the repository

We like to keep it tidy. A feature goes into a branch. A finalized feature gets merged with the development branch. A stable version of the project gets merged into master. It’s constantly, automatically deployed on your servers or is distributed as beta builds on your device.

Making sure the code is good

Everybody is involved in the process, and code is cross-reviewed by different members of the team. Pull requests are discussed, accepted or rejected and improved, where necessary, and finally approved, which makes for a healthy development process. No bad code gets into your project.